Girls’ Education

Belief in Education
The Stone Family Foundation believes in the power of educating girls.  Studies have shown again and again the economic and health benefits to providing girls with primary, secondary, and higher education.  By investing in the education of young women today, the Foundation is supporting the long-term development and stability of communities.  In addition, the Stone Family Foundation believes in the right of individuals to an education and to the tools to participate fully in familial, communal, social, political, and economic spheres.  When educated girls become women they are able to make more informed decisions about their future and the futures of their families and communities.  By supporting the empowerment of women we believe that the world will become a more stable and prosperous place.

Approach to Education
The Stone Family Foundation does not subscribe to a single approach to girls’ education. The Foundation supports a variety of methods and interventions, recognizing that each must be unique to the culture, education system, and the needs of the individuals within the country.  Along with time-tested approaches that have been evaluated over the years, the Foundation is also interested in supporting innovative approaches to education and would encourage organizations with new ideas to submit letters of interest to the Foundation.

Grant Proposals
The Stone Family Foundation is currently seeking proposals to support girls’ education in developing countries.  The Foundation provides two types of grant opportunities:

The Stone Family Foundation has partnered with a number of organizations, including the following:

For more information, please contact: